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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

LKR 150/= DVD+RW

I have a habbit to back-UP my data in to disks regularly. Sometimes when I backup my data in to DVD-R s there is more than 2.5 GB free space because I backup my PC monthly. So, I thought to use a DVD+RW to backup data and keep it till I get enough DATA to burn in to a DVD-R. By this I could reduce my cost for DVD-Rs and could use full space on DVD-Rs to burn.
So , I went to Kandy town to buy a DVD+RW. When I ask from one shop , the sales person told me it cost LKR 350/= but they haven't any DVD+RW at that time. So I asked from another shop. The sales person told it cost only LKR 150/= and they have stocks. I'm very happy when I heared that DVD+RW is cost LKR 150/= only. So I bought it to back-up my data in to it.
When I came home I started to burn my backups in to it. But after 3 or 4 successful burns, K3b andBrasero complained some errors on DVD+RW. But it's a DVD+RW and I tried to format it. Again the errors.
After that I used Nero6 on WindowsXP to burn the disk. It's the same as k3b and brasero. Now I have to stick it on the wall and forget about the LKR 150/= that I paid to buy it.
Although I have many experiences about low quality/low price DVD-R s , but I forgot the price of any DVD +RW is depend on the quality and the supported writing speed of the disk, when I buy that DVD+RW.
posted by Roshan Herath ( roshanherath )

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